Quote from Sports Car World June 1971
"Four cylinders ... fair enough. Air-cooled? Well, it's been done. Transversely-mounted engine? That's been done, too. Forced-induction air-cooling? Not all that new. Front-wheel drive? Not new. Four carbs on a four-banger? Standard procedure, for Honda. Dry-sump? Been popular in performance cars for donkey's years. Cross-over swing axles? Extremely rare!..

But combine all these features in one super-sporty little coupe, and you've got what looks on paper to be the weirdest little motor car ever!"

This website is supported by the proud owners of Honda 1300 Coupes around the world. This car was a private project for Soichiro Honda, the founder of the Honda Motor Company. After successfully giving the world some of the best motorcycles of their time, Mr. Honda wanted to do something unique for the automotive world.

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Based on a unique air-cooled overhead cam engine and with other ingenious design features, the Honda 1300 Coupe was born. For those of us forturnate enough to own one of these rare cars, we decided to share our passion with the rest of the world.

You can read about the unique engine here
2015 Canadian Concours d'Elegance
Van Dusen Gardens, Vancouver BC
Runner up in the Japanese Collectibles Class
Winner of the 'This Car Matters' trophy from the Historic Vehicle Association

The car is now being acknowledged for its classic history. If the article is too small to read, click on the small image to enlarge the text.

Classic Retro Modern Magazine #22 May/June 2023 article from the UK featuring the Honda 1300.

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Gran Turismo 4:
This popular video game for the Playstation II gives you the chance to drive a Coupe 9 around many tracks.
Click here to see my historic lap of the Suzuka Track in Japan where the Coupe 9 was first tested by Honda.

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Thomas Benson's Coupe 7 racing in Western Australia March 2009 - Picture by Brendon Haggerty

Unique Memorabilia
Purchased by Luke in Tasmania from the family of a 1970 Honda dealership manager.