Racing at Bathurst, NSW, Australia - circa 1972
Manufacturing Statistics

Based on some investigations with Honda Japan, I have been able to get some manufacturing statistics on the Honda Coupe Series. Unfortunately, they were not able to give me much more as they claim the car is too old and stats are not available.

Also, I did get conflicting numbers from Honda Japan and from the Honda Collection Hall

Honda JapanHonda Collection Hall
Number Built:Coupe 7's35,80438,359
Coupe 9's7,8818,102
Coupe AT's1,788

Dates Built:
Honda Japan says December 1965 to May 1967 but I think these numbers are wrong as my own car is 1972.

Honda Collection Hall says Feb 6th, 1970 to June 2nd, 1972 which sounds better.

Export Numbers:
According to Honda Japan, only 1053 cars were exported from Japan.

In Australia, Ray Linden went to the ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) and looked up the Imported Vehicle records.

 NSW VictoriaQueensland S.AW.A TasmaniaN.T. ACTTotals
196901 000 0001
1970832 137 10052
1971167109 404281 2405468
1972 (1st Quarter)2111 55153 0161
1972 (2nd Quarter)2012 23130 0050
1972 (3rd Quarter)156 35153 0047
1972 (4th Quarter)13 03140 0021
1973 (1st Quarter)11 00162 0020
1973 (2nd Quarter)11 0030 005
1973 (3rd Quarter)10 0140 006
1973 (4th Quarter)(No longer included in tables)
Totals235176 516216833 06731
Acknowledgments for this information to:
ABS, Annual Bulletin of Motor Vehicle Registrations, Year Ended 31 December 1970, ABS, Canberra."
ABS, Motor Vehicle Registrations, June Quarter 1972, ABS, Canberra."

If anyone has any statistics for other countries, please forward them to us.

Photos from the Honda Collection Hall in Motegi, Japan

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Racing at Bathurst, NSW, Australia - circa 1972

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