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Author Topic: Suggestions for added Forum categories  (Read 2072 times)
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Honda 1300 Coupe 9. Perth, Western Australia

« on: June 16, 2018, 07:25:30 PM »

Hi all,

Just suggesting the following additions if possible (up for discussion):

New Forum categories for:

* Suggestions / Site feedback
* Publications, Reviews and reference material
* My restoration project
* Forum Basics (instructions on how to post pictures, website links, youtube videos, Forum etiquette, etc.)
* "Crossover" parts list (reserved for ONLY info on currently available parts that are not OEM but the best match - NO GENERAL DISCUSSION, etc.)
* Introduce Yourself!
* Auction site ads (eBay/Craigslist/Gumtree/Yahoo Japan etc..)
* Meets and events (Cars & Coffee/Classic Car Shows, etc..)
* Modifieds (for those not wanting to stay original)
* Images (i.e.; from the Net, scanned from publications, etc..)

Some of the above would probably be a subtopic of General Discussion, like Meets & Events, but stuff like Modifieds would need to be on its own.   WDYR?


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« Reply #1 on: June 17, 2018, 03:25:32 AM »

Like the suggestions Ian

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« Reply #2 on: June 17, 2018, 02:12:17 PM »

Thanks for the suggestions.

Suggestions / Site Feedback - yes that would be acceptable as it would keep it out of the actual car topics.

Publications, Reviews, and reference material - The website itself covers publications and reviews to make sure anyone can simply come to the websites and read about the cars without having to go into the forum. Reference material is in the Technical section of the website.

My restoration project - many owners may not be going through an actual 'restoration' so I feel the General Discussion category covers anyone who wants to talk about their car(s).   As you will see AndrewK's restoration project started a whole new topic on replacement front and rear window rubbers and if we create too many categories, it may be too onerous to find something specific.  You can always start a topic in the General Discussion called Restoration Projects and then those people doing restorations or want to read them can red/write in that section with their experiences.

Forum Basics - great idea but I do not have the time to write all the variables involved in some of the topics suggested.

Crossover Parts - are covered in the Technical Section of the website and could be  a topic in the Workshop category

Introduce yourself - in the General discussion as only registered members can actually write in there so there will not be a lot of outsiders discussing all kinds of distracting things.

Auction site - great but who would keep it up-to-date and delete closed items etc. If you are selling there is a category for Parts and Cars for sale already.

Meets and Events - as owners exist around the world, a meeting on Saturday in Sydney is meaningless to most owners.

Modifieds - Interesting and worth a try but who decides a modified car vs. one using Crossover parts. eg. is my car modified because I used third party door seals. Again too many categories could become too complicated.

Images - yes I could see a gallery section but would that then include your restoration project or only your 'completed' project. I am worried about too many categories.

Additional ideas....

In a Fiat X1/9 forum I look at, they have a topic called 'What did you do with your car today' and it is a sticky that remains at the top of the General Discussion where any owner can send in their current experiences eg. a car show with their Coupe, a group of Coupe owners visiting a local winery or restaurant together, an new article on their car eg. Tony Lowes recent NZ Herald article or Kaj in Denmark with the Honda Guy youtube video being shot, or just you and your car on the road after a full restoration.

I am open to suggestions if others show an interest in a new category.

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