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Author Topic: Engine oil cooler  (Read 942 times)
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« on: February 24, 2020, 11:19:22 PM »

I decided to post this comment after downloading and printing a couple of test pages of Richard H's excellent workshop manual. One of the pages I printed was page 102 covering the oil tank and was reminded that nowhere in this manual is the oil cooler mentioned. I presume that is was not included in the early models or may only be fitted to cars in a warmer climate. The oil cooler is a bypass type and only a portion actually flows through the cooler even when the engine is hot. The flow through the cooler is regulated by a thermostat and as these devises are prone to failure I purchased a NOS one from CMS in the Netherlands, I did test the old one in boiling water and it still seemed to work but would you trust a 50year old thermostat in a water cooled engine, I think not. This devise works almost the opposite to a water thermostat in that when the engine is cold the scavenged oil flows freely around the bulb in the thermostat and into the tank, as it heats up it opens and uncovers the port to the cooler at he same time restricting the free flow to the tank thereby sending some of the oil through the cooler, therefore for the cooler to work properly the thermostat must be functional. Removing the thermostat is a bad idea because the hot oil will just flow unrestricted straight into the tank with no means of directing some to the cooler, also blocking off the thermostat housing and sending 100% of the oil through the cooler also may not work because the dinky little cooler probably can't handle the flow.   
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