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 on: August 09, 2018, 01:56:35 PM 
Started by TonyL - Last post by TonyL

Lindsay sent us advise on floats for the carbs for sale


As some of you know mine had gone brittle and were covered in lead repair. I tried for months to find replacements..Spent hours on toll calls but no luck, then out of the blue these appear .

It took 5 days from Taiwan to NZ and only $nz85.00 all up.

While very different shape and manufacture they fit and work well..

They had six sets last week , so would be quick if you may want any


 on: August 09, 2018, 01:43:24 PM 
Started by LindsayT - Last post by TonyL

I know have the first copy , It was photo scanned and printed to do a draft copy I have , .
Then I hope a digital version will be sorted .

My scan people seemed to have missed some pages and bit missing from some other  pages .

I will post the digital version here as soon as I get it.


 on: June 30, 2018, 08:04:32 PM 
Started by TonyL - Last post by TonyL
Can I move this to the new more appropriate Category  .

I heard yesterday the car in question may have been shipped  to Australia to someone who already had two or three .



 on: June 22, 2018, 01:36:08 PM 
Started by LindsayT - Last post by TonyL
Hi Lindsay,

Bill has found someone near him in Dunedin who will sacn the workshop manual for him without breaking the back ,
I am getting him to have them do me a hard copy 
I will talk with Bill when its getting done to see if it will also generate a an electronic copy .


 on: June 18, 2018, 09:22:40 PM 
Started by TonyL - Last post by TonyL

Just on the off chance someone may know of this car , It was red /  orange back in the late 70's , came from Singapore to NZ mid 70's . Was raced , rallied and hill climbed for a number of years owned and driven my Errol Flack . It may have gone to Aussie in the 80's but not sure.
eng no Hi300E 6011558
chassis no  H1300  1047346

 on: June 18, 2018, 03:16:26 PM 
Started by AndrewK - Last post by AndrewK
That is great Tony- I have always wanted an immaculate road car, so I am getting very excited now.

All the best


 on: June 18, 2018, 03:12:35 PM 
Started by LindsayT - Last post by AndrewK
G'day Graham

The local Novus Windscreen franchise is making them up for me. Here is a link to their website:

Hopefully they will be able to help you out.


 on: June 17, 2018, 02:57:54 PM 
Started by LindsayT - Last post by LindsayT
Hello Graham,

Hopefully Andrew will keep a lot of owners informed about those rubber seals.

As you read Andrew's message about the restoration, you will see and little icon of a person under his name in the left column.  If you click on that icon, you will see Andrew's direct email address (if he has not chosen to hide it) to communicate with him about the supplier.

Post anything you find for all to read.


 on: June 17, 2018, 02:12:17 PM 
Started by IanN - Last post by LindsayT
Thanks for the suggestions.

Suggestions / Site Feedback - yes that would be acceptable as it would keep it out of the actual car topics.

Publications, Reviews, and reference material - The website itself covers publications and reviews to make sure anyone can simply come to the websites and read about the cars without having to go into the forum. Reference material is in the Technical section of the website.

My restoration project - many owners may not be going through an actual 'restoration' so I feel the General Discussion category covers anyone who wants to talk about their car(s).   As you will see AndrewK's restoration project started a whole new topic on replacement front and rear window rubbers and if we create too many categories, it may be too onerous to find something specific.  You can always start a topic in the General Discussion called Restoration Projects and then those people doing restorations or want to read them can red/write in that section with their experiences.

Forum Basics - great idea but I do not have the time to write all the variables involved in some of the topics suggested.

Crossover Parts - are covered in the Technical Section of the website and could be  a topic in the Workshop category

Introduce yourself - in the General discussion as only registered members can actually write in there so there will not be a lot of outsiders discussing all kinds of distracting things.

Auction site - great but who would keep it up-to-date and delete closed items etc. If you are selling there is a category for Parts and Cars for sale already.

Meets and Events - as owners exist around the world, a meeting on Saturday in Sydney is meaningless to most owners.

Modifieds - Interesting and worth a try but who decides a modified car vs. one using Crossover parts. eg. is my car modified because I used third party door seals. Again too many categories could become too complicated.

Images - yes I could see a gallery section but would that then include your restoration project or only your 'completed' project. I am worried about too many categories.

Additional ideas....

In a Fiat X1/9 forum I look at, they have a topic called 'What did you do with your car today' and it is a sticky that remains at the top of the General Discussion where any owner can send in their current experiences eg. a car show with their Coupe, a group of Coupe owners visiting a local winery or restaurant together, an new article on their car eg. Tony Lowes recent NZ Herald article or Kaj in Denmark with the Honda Guy youtube video being shot, or just you and your car on the road after a full restoration.

I am open to suggestions if others show an interest in a new category.


 on: June 17, 2018, 01:53:06 PM 
Started by AndrewK - Last post by TonyL

I kinda get goose bumps looking at the resto photo's .

I know it is what I should do with mine . While it looks OK in the phtot's it has a lot of flaws .
Mainly cosmetic .. other than a front bumber , a repair or replace..

I had always intended to classic race it so the condition was fine for that . I have been unable to renew my Competion Licence so had discounted that ..
I have been approached by more than one skilled driver and some major sponsorship to fund it .
It seems more people know about these cars in NZ than I had thought a lot of stems from the 1971 Bathurst .

Looking at your efforts ans the end result is actually having me sway more towards restoration.

I have done a couple of dozen resto jobs , even a couple of concourse cars ..  Bit held back by health issues but should be managable ..
Thanks for the inspiration


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