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Title: Shop Manual
Post by: RichardH on February 13, 2020, 03:13:15 AM
I've decided to give scanning and a 'sympathetic restoration' of a good copy of the original Honda 1300 Coupe Shop Manual a go.

I've attached a pdf of 4 pages with the front cover, a near blank "page 2", a text only page and a page with photos. I'll be including the blank pages as in the original so that duplex printing won't muck up pagination. The test pdf is not in actual page order.

The paper size is Japanese B5 (7.2 x 10.1 inches, 182 x 257 mm ~ or so the web tells me) the scans are roughly 300 dpi and 2163 x 3034 pixels. This is close to the ISO size B5, maybe it's really the same, but as most will be printing on A4 I'd like to ask the question of whether I should allow extra margins. My temptation is to leave it original size. I've edited the pages to give near "pure white" background while maintaining the photo clarity.

This will be a sporadic long-term project. In the meantime could a few of you try duplex printing and let me know your thoughs on size and clarity?


Title: Re: Shop Manual
Post by: RichardH on February 20, 2020, 05:09:29 PM
Hmm, no downloads and no comments as of February 21, 2020. Does that mean there's no interest? Hard to believe.
Anyway, I've completed this and we're trying to figure out how to upload. The original size works fine.

Title: Re: Shop Manual
Post by: RobertP on February 24, 2020, 06:51:24 PM
Thanks for the manual, good clear images, no longer have to worry about oily fingerprints on my good original copy. I just wish that it was a little more comprehensive. Previous factory manual for the Scamp was a whopper, you could do a full rebuild of the A360 automatic transmission (185 page chapter) if you felt inclined   

Title: Re: Shop Manual
Post by: RichardH on February 25, 2020, 03:01:46 PM
Yeah, it's seems sufficient but not comprehensive.

I have yet to do any significant work on my 1300 '7'. I rebuilt a Peugeot 403 (except gerabox) in the '70s from their manual - very, very comprehensive. Later, I camper-converted a Morris LD5 (like old Mr Whippy vans - bad choice): That manual had chapters on metalwork techniques such as panel shrinking (with asbestos pulp...!).

I'll post in the Oil Cooler topic when I have pics/info on mine. I note the cooler is in the 1970 Parts List that Lindsay scanned, and not as an optional part. I have a 1971 Shop Manual as well as the 1970 one I scanned, they're identical.